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Thursday Aug 19, 2021

Thursday Jul 29, 2021

THANK YOU to everyone who purchased something during the 9 Sales by the 29th Challenge! Since we surpassed the goal, I'll be doing something creative for you guys. Listen to find out what.

Friday Jul 23, 2021

My birthday is next Thursday, July 29th. What do I wish for? Just that you buy whatever you normally would using my Amazon referral (affiliate) link! Help me get 9 sales by July 29th. Link in the Podbean profile, at 99waystowin.com and in my Instagram bio @99waystowin Thanks in advance!

Wednesday May 05, 2021

Licensed Perinatal Counselor Shauna Allen sat down with me and had a real, deep discussion about her own struggles with infertility, how women can manage their fertility and childbirth journey successfully and more. Go to my Instagram @99waystowin for the full show.

Thursday Apr 29, 2021

We're focusing on moms and motherhood for the entire month of May! Kickoff Wed May 5th on IG Live with Shauna The Delightful Clinician - we'll discuss successfully handling challenges like postpartum depression as we strive to be and feel like great moms.

Thursday Apr 01, 2021

Friday Mar 26, 2021

"A setback is just a setup for a comeback" - Willie Jolley Free Sound Effects from Royalty Free Background Music Downloads - Fesliyan Studios

Tuesday Mar 09, 2021

Nobody likes a creeper. But have you thought about lifestyle creep? What is it? What should we do about it? Listen to find out. *P.S. This episode upload was extremely delayed, but I managed to get it done while it's still Tuesday. We'll discuss the challenges I had and how I'm overcoming them in a future episode.  99 Ways to Win provides Inspiration, Information and Empowerment to Women, Christians and Entrepreneurs. 

Tuesday Mar 09, 2021

Hey Everybody! I have a family obligation that is taking longer than anticipated. This delayed my post production. I WILL be uploading a full length episode later today. Sorry for the wait. Until next time...Keep Seeking Your Success.

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